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Beyond Sports Psychology


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Beyond Health and Sport Psychology.
By Maxim P. WeithersBeyond Health and Sport Psychology.
By Maxim P. Weithers

"Competitive Golf is played on a 6 inch fairway... the space between your
"The object of golf is to beat someone. Make sure that someone is not
Bobby Jones
Designer of the Augusta course home of the US Masters Golf Championships

Have you ever heard the sayings,  "You don't know what you don't know?"
This is such a true statement no matter who or what you are. My program
helps to ascend quickly and accelerate you to the fourth level of
consciousness (scientists call unconscious competence) which is essentially
taking the right actions automatically without thinking - subconsciously -
all the time. What is commonly referred to as, "Being in the Zone or the
Flow." Would that be something you would like to be able to do all the
time? Of course you would.

Never ever feel alone again while moving towards accomplishing your next
BIG goal!
You now have - with this system and program - the support you have always
been seeking to help you navigate your thinking, beliefs, actions that will
lead to your successful results. You have the ability to do it. Make that
right decision today.

Testimonial/Case Study:
Supported, recommended and used by World #4 Squash Professional Miguel
Angel Rodriguez (Colombia) the 5 Time Pan American Gold Medalist including
the recent individual Gold Medal at the 2015 Individual and Mens Double
Gold Medals held  in Toronto. When Miguel started this program with me he
had been suffering a few years of problem ankles and was ranked World #34.
It was holding him back from training his best and playing to his potential
on the world circuit. Fast forward after started the program, within 2
months he was ranked 22 in the World. A notable jump in ranking in such a
short time period. I still recall his mom (Connie) calling me excited,
sharing his big win at the Colombian Open defeating a higher world ranked
player from Finland. And has since kept climbing to his current highest
world professional ranking. World #4, the highest ever by a South America

They say the worlds knowledge doubles about every 5 years. I would hope
since I started working with Miguel 5 years ago, my knowledge in this field
of success mental sports and health coaching acceleration - has also
doubled. And it is my great joy that I share this data with my new private
clients and students. It would be my sincere pleasure to do so.

Here are just a few critical items you will learn and apply into your
thinking and results immediately:

Learn how to eliminate the top 3 problems in sports that stops almost all
athletes from performing from improving quickly:
#1: Choking, failing to play your best (or even playing at all) when the
pressure is really on.
#2: Building incredible iron rock solid self confidence and self belief to
defeat anyone and everyone in your path, by eliminating all fears, anxiety,
concerns and restrictions in your mind.
#3: Developing the "Killer Instinct" so you always play the best no matter
what the situation, circumstance or conditions. Stop making excuses and
learn the art of adapting.
#4: Preventing, Reversing, Fixing Injuries: preventing injuries is the key,
but if you have injuries we can show you how to use proven techniques
• How your mind really works under pressure and how to take back control.
• We take you deep inside these working parts of your brain amd mind and
explain and show you how to use the right part at the right time to make
much smarter decisions automatic.
• How to understand and prevent choking in competition and in life?
• What's holding you back?
• Discover what it is quickly.
• How to stop thinking and start focusing on being in "the zone."
• How to stop performing too "nice" and develop a killer instinct in sports
and in life.
• And much, much more...

My goal, intention and life mission is to increase the quality and value of
the lives of over one billion people over the next 5 years.


Introduction: Where are you now?

Lesson 1: Everything is created twice. Learn how this reality really works
so you can exist in it better and more sucessfuly
Lesson 2: Clarifying and defining your goals: specific goal setting helps
you to become more successful, we show you all the steps you didn't know
Lesson 3: The Universal Laws: believe them or not they do exist, like
Lesson 4: How to communicate to yourself correctly, how you speak to
yourself could be causing more problems that helping you.
Lesson 5: How to visualize quickly and effectively: techniques to visualize
more powerfully than you ever thought possible
Lesson 6: Building a stronger mind forever: deep self belief
Lesson 7: Maintaining harmony not balance
Lesson 8: Your daily routines, when is the right do your mental
Lesson 9: Keeping committed + grounded: how to make these new techniques
Lesson 10: Sharing your success Lesson 11: Celebration

About your Coach/Mentor:  Maxim P. Weithers
Finished 9th in World Masters 2012
4 Time National Squash Champion USA and Canada
3 Time Caribbean Champion National Squash Coach Colombia
Trained with World #1 Coach for 5 Years
Certified Squash Coach (Canada)
Certified Shiatsu Massage
Created his first business in grade 5 selling scarlet plumbs from his
backyard to schoolmates

Trained by Some of the Worlds Best Mentors, Including: Bob Proctor (The
Secret), T. Harv Ecker, Brian Tracy, Louise Hay, Anthony Robbins, Joe
Vitale, Brad Sugars, Noah St. John and currently John Assaraf (The Secret).
You will benefit from the combined knowledge and wisdom from all of his
previous mentors along with his own successful and proven cutting edge
programs.  In 2012 he attracted over US$1.45 million in sales while taking
3 months off for vacation and travel and becoming top a 10 player in the
world in his category.

Individuals: US$250/session Groups 3 or more US$397/session
Businesses/monthly: US$997/month (4 session)
One year / 12 months: US$9,997
Six months: US$4,997
Bonus 1: Free 45 min session for business/monthly clients
Bonus 2: Unlimited FREE email messages between sessions.
Note: This program works best and most successfully when completed over a
12 week program of intensive weekly mental coaching. Research shows that it
takes the average mind this amount of time to create and adopt new
neuropathways to activate new thinking and new habits required to make the
big results required and desired.

Thank you.

What do all successful people do that others find excuses for?
1: They always show up
2: They always do their best
3: They always listen and willing to learn new ideas that may be outside
their comfort or familiar zone
and 4: They always do what ever it takes to be successful. "Break the rules
not the law." Arnold Schwatzenegger.

#1 Quote
"If your goals don't scare you then they aren't big enough."
Arnold Schwarzenegger

#2 Quote
"You swing your best when you have the fewest things to think about."
Bobby Jones
Designer of the Augusta course home of the US Masters Golf Championships.

#3 Quote
"If you're interested you will find excuses, but if you're committee you
will do what it takes."
John Assaraf 2 x multibillionaire and 5 x multimillionaire

#4 Quote
"Swimming is normal for me. I'm relaxed. I'm comfortable, and I know my
surroundings. It's my home."
Michael Phelps
16 Olympic Gold Medals
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